Are there areas of your life you want to improve? You are not alone! Millions of people are in search of living happier, more balanced lives. So many people have hopes, dreams, and desires! You can be anything you want to be! You just need to be persistent and dedicated to your goals.

Everyone has hopes and dreams. Things they want to do, learn, or experience. Some people, will realize those hopes and dreams but most will not. What about you? Are you going to just let your life continue as is? Are you going to wake up in a few years regretting not pursuing your dreams or are you going to make the choices today that will lead you to the life you want?

It’s time to get to work! Start working toward your goals. Stop thinking about them and start doing something. Working a little toward your goals every day adds up quickly. Every day, every action you take is made up of a choice. Do you get up early and exercise or do you sleep late? Will you look at the bright side of things or will you focus on the negative? Will you work hard to succeed or will you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

No one is going to just give you what you want, you need to go out and get it. So I ask you again, what are you waiting for? Do you want to succeed? Then be conscious of your choices. Make a decision today to take control of your life. What is it you want? Maybe you want to be more financial freedom, a happier outlookbetter relationships, or greater success. This site was created to help people make these improvements. Bookmark this site to see regular updates.

You can do this!

My Background

After earning 2 degrees in Psychology, I wound up in the corporate world providing training. By adding new skills and experiences, I ended up running  Business Operations for Technology Groups in 2 different financial companies in NYC. This experience provided me with very strong project management and budgeting skills. By uniting these two skills with my psychology and training background, I developed the 30 Day Life Transformation Plan. This model is designed to not only guide you through transforming your life through 30 day projects, it also incorporates many personal growth exercises. Anyone can benefit from this!

I have been very lucky in my life in that I have had some very strong mentors who were not afraid to give me constructive feedback and guidance. Now it is time for me to give back! So I’ve created this site to help you achieve small goals while gaining some personal insights. Over time, small goals add up to big changes!

In truth, I wasn’t always happy. I have hurt and been hurt. I had been pessimistic. I had made mistakes in both my professional and personal lives. I have spent hours, sometimes days, worrying or thinking negatively about people or circumstances. I had not fully embraced life. One day, I decided that this had to end. In order to be my best happiest self I needed to consciously make changes to my outlook, my goals, and my life.

This journey started as an exercise to see how much I could change. The idea was that by creating and completing attainable goals, I could effectively make changes. This has worked and has now not only put me on the path of exactly what I want, but it has become my life’s passion. Since starting this, I have helped countless others and I want to help you too.

I am continually planning and working on my goals. I hope you join will find this useful in also attaining your goals.

– Annie




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